Transitional Organization

Each of us is in some level of transition.  Some are in a very high level of change, others are involved in more manageable levels, knowing that this too, will change.
Juan Ramon Jimenez (Spanish Poet) said “A permanent state of transition is man’s most notable condition”.  Also, “The only thing constant is change” – author unknown.
Major transition includes those involved with:
– Job transfer
– Moving up or down-sizing your home
– Getting married or divorced
– Having or adopting a baby
– Planning or settling an estate
With each of these we are met with various tasks and duties to complete in order for the transition to be successful.
Transition comes expectedly or unexpectedly.  Most often people are unprepared and unsure of how and where to start.  Here are a few items in the process;
– Advance planning of upcoming events.  Putting together a    game plan to assist in a smooth-running transition.  Managing the plan to completion.
–  Contacting and coordinating with quality, professional resources.
–  Locating, preparing and timely execution of documents needed.
– Working with out of town representatives who don’t live in your area.
The key to transition is to establish clear goals and milestones at the onset.  Be flexible in the challenges that show up during the process.  Lastly, delegate to a professional any item(s) that are too stressful.


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